The Power of the Process: Creating Positive Outcomes with David Rakel, MD

In this podcast, IFM’s Director of Medical Education, Dan Lukaczer, ND, interviews researcher, educator, and clinician David Rakel, MD, on the power of empathy, compassion, the placebo effect, and the patient story. In particular, they explore how empathy and sympathy can lead to burnout, while compassion can be restorative.
As Dr. Rakel unpacks,

“Trust equals competency times intimacy, divided by degree of risk.”

Dr. Rakel is also the author of The Compassionate Connection and an educator at IFM’s Advanced Practice Modules. David Rakel, MD, started his career near the Teton Mountains in Driggs, Idaho, where he was in rural private practice for five years before completing a two-year residential fellowship in integrative medicine at the University of Arizona Health Sciences Center. He is the founder and director of the University of Wisconsin (UW) Integrative Medicine Program and associate professor with tenure in the department on family medicine at the UW School of Medicine and Public Health.

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