Save Time with IFM’s Toolkit of Patient Education Resources

P. Michael Stone, MD, MS, and an IFM certified practitioner (IFMCP), has been an educator at IFM’s medical education courses for many years. One of his areas of expertise is teaching clinicians how and when to utilize IFM’s toolkit. This resource of over 300 materials includes patient education handouts as well as clinician-focused guides and information.

In the video below, Dr. Stone shares one of the biggest benefits of the toolkit: tools to center one’s self. In the Functional Medicine model, “Gather” is a stage where clinicians center themselves with evidence-backed techniques. The patient story is central to Functional Medicine, and gathering helps to elicit the most complete patient information. Being fully present and gathering one’s self before patient encounters can reap enormous health benefits.


Boy, what is time consuming in your practice?

How often do you want to be able to make a handout, or a communication tool, or an education tool for your patient but who has the time with EMR and all the challenges of practice?

I didn’t.

What you get through [Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice] AFMCP is access to the IFM toolkit. Over 300 immediately available, immediately usable Monday morning items that help you educate your patient and help you make more connections for yourself as a clinician. You learn tools to gather yourself, to pause at the door. Suddenly you can, through breathing and through focus, you can suddenly separate yourself from all the demands of the day before you enter the room and see your patient.

Those are things you can apply Monday morning.

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