Health Systems

Practitioners posing in hospital

The Partnerships

There is an increasing demand for functional medicine care worldwide. IFM partners with health systems to help increase access to functional medicine care, expand the settings in which functional medicine care is offered, and provide a model for implementing successful functional medicine care in larger settings. IFM currently partners with the following health systems:

When functional medicine care is implemented on a health system level, it can increase the visibility of the model while also expanding access and improving outcomes. IFM is proud to partner with these forward-thinking health systems that recognize the potential to optimize the provision of quality health care and the importance of the root cause approach to medicine.

How Do These Partnerships Advance IFM's Mission?

Chronic diseases are the leading cause of mortality in both the US and around the world. IFM’s mission is to advance the widespread adoption of functional medicine for all, and partnering with health systems improves patient access to functional medicine care. Health systems are positioned to work in collaboration with IFM to provide this care at scale resulting in major benefits to patients and expanding care options within the system. These partnerships provide proof-of-concept of the utility of this model in large systems that cover patients over varied geographic areas and socioeconomic conditions. These partnerships can showcase the improvements in patient outcomes and cost of care that implementing a functional medicine approach can achieve across many types of medical settings.