Dawn Jacobson, MD

Dawn Jacobson, MD

IFM Certified Practitioner IFM Certified Practitioner

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From the practitioner: About My Practice

Parsley Health is a medical practice aiming to transform the health of everyone, everywhere, through the world's best possible medicine. This includes modern medicine and smart technology with a functional holistic approach. Our reasonable membership-based model provides each member with a functional medicine doctor and a health coach to help you define and reach your personal health goals. Please check out our website to learn more: https://www.parsleyhealth.com/

From the practitioner: What Patients Can Expect

I offer online consultations only at this time. I am licensed in the states of CA, MN, and ME.

Medical Specialties

  • Ayurvedic Medicine
  • Functional Medicine
  • Genetics/Genomics
  • Lifestyle Medicine

Medical Conditions

  • Allergies
  • Autoimmune Disease
  • Digestive disorders
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia and Sleep Disorders
  • Metabolic Syndrome (pre-diabetes, insulin resistance)
  • Migraines and Headaches
  • Stress-related Conditions
  • Thyroid, adrenal and other hormonal disorders
  • Weight or Metabolism concerns

Graduate School Education

University of Iowa College of Medicine, University of California-San Diego Medical Center, University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, Maharishi Ayurveda.

Professional Associations

Institute for Functional Medicine, American College of Preventive Medicine, National Ayurvedic Medical Association

IFM Coursework

  • Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice
  • Bioenergetics (formerly Energy) Advanced Practice Module
  • Cardiometabolic Advanced Practice Module
  • Environmental Health (formerly Detox) Advanced Practice Module
  • GI Advanced Practice Module
  • Hormone Advanced Practice Module
  • Immune Advanced Practice Module