Victoria Nee, MD

Victoria Nee, MD

IFM Certified Practitioner IFM Certified Practitioner

Practice Information

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Information for Patients

Description of My Practice

Bodily imbalance can cause or worsen psychiatric symptoms, & medication may not work well under these circumstances, so if necessary, I look at gut functioning, high toxin load, food sensitivities, nutrient deficiencies, infections, or hormone imbalances to get my patients to a state of well-being, not just having fewer or less severe symptoms.

Practitioner Type

  • Medical Doctor

From the practitioner: About My Practice

Since completing my functional medicine training through IFM in 2014, I've attended innumerable conferences, workshops, courses, lectures, and trainings to broaden and deepen my knowledge of alternative methods to optimize mental health. In the last few years, I've obtained in-depth training on hormone balancing with bioidential hormone therapy, and find that I particularly enjoy helping people with depression, anxiety, insomnia, and changes in cognition whose symptoms can be alleviated by replacing low levels of reproductive hormones or by addressing other hormonal imbalances, such as hypothyroidism, which very few psychiatrists or even endocrinologists know how to treat adequately.

From the practitioner: What Patients Can Expect

Though I'm highly trained in holistic medicine, I'm still expert in prescribing psychotropic medication when necessary. When people first see me, they've often had symptoms for weeks to months or longer, and the symptoms have become severe to the point that they need immediate relief from panic attacks, incapacitating insomnia, or depression, which if not quickly alleviated, could result in getting kicked out of school or losing a job.

In order to look thoroughly & deeply at the cause of your challenges, I collaborate closely with patients, primary care physicians, and therapists. I keep my practice small, allowing me to spend enough time with you to come up with a multi-pronged treatment plan and to provide comprehensive support.

Health Concerns

  • Adrenal, Thyroid, & Pituitary Health
  • Dementia & Cognitive Decline
  • Food Sensitivities, Intolerances, & Allergies
  • Gut & Microbiome Health
  • Immune Health & Autoimmunity
  • Mental Health
  • Toxins & Detoxification
  • Women’s & Men’s Hormonal Health

Medical Specialties

  • Allergy and Immunology
  • Alternative Medicine
  • Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism
  • Functional Medicine
  • Lifestyle Medicine
  • Psychiatry

Medical Conditions

  • Aging
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Depression, Anxiety or Bipolar Disorder
  • Digestive disorders
  • Fatigue
  • Female Disorders
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Insomnia and Sleep Disorders
  • Male disorders
  • Metabolic Syndrome (pre-diabetes, insulin resistance)
  • Stress-related Conditions
  • Thyroid, adrenal and other hormonal disorders
  • Weight or Metabolism concerns

Graduate School Education

University of Illinois at Chicago for addictions fellowship training; University of Chicago and Lutheran General Hospital for residency; Indiana University for medical school



Professional Associations

The Institute for Functional Medicine, Worldlink Medical, American Medical Association

Board Certification

American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology 2004-2023

IFM Coursework

  • Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice
  • Bioenergetics (formerly Energy) Advanced Practice Module
  • Cardiometabolic Advanced Practice Module
  • Environmental Health (formerly Detox) Advanced Practice Module
  • GI Advanced Practice Module
  • Hormone Advanced Practice Module
  • Immune Advanced Practice Module