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2023 Annual International Conference Proceedings

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Discover the clinical takeaways and practice implementation strategies discussed at the 2023 Annual International Conference (AIC). This year’s event shed new light on what it means to practice functional medicine and apply a root-cause approach with all patients. Prominent speakers highlighted new diagnostic and treatment pathways that pave the way forward for enhanced outcomes in increasingly vulnerable populations. Please see the list of included talks below. Note that AIC proceeding packages do not include CME credit.

Plenary Session Recordings:

Speaker Title
Amy R. Mack, MSES/MPA IFM Chief Executive Officer Introduction and Welcome
Michael Snyder, PhD Our Wearable Future
Doug Thompson, DDS The Oral Microbiome and Systemic Disease
Nalini Chilkov, LAc, OMD Integrative Oncology and the Essential Role of the Primary Care Clinician
Linus Pauling Award
Aly Cohen, MD, FACR Environmental Toxins and the Relationship to Autoimmune Disease
Bonni Goldstein, MD Therapeutic Uses of Phytocannabinoids
Katelyn Jetelina, MPH, PhD How Will Long COVID Affect Health Care?
Patrick Hanaway, MD, IFMCP
Monique Class MS, APRN-BC, IFMCP
Elizabeth Boham, MD, MS, RD, IFMCP
The Journey With Cancer
Patrick Hanaway, MD, IFMCP
Monique Class MS, APRN-BC, IFMCP
Elizabeth Boham, MD, MS, RD, IFMCP
Panel Discussion
George “Bud” Brainard, PhD Light and Human Health
Mark Hyman, MD, IFMCP The Emerging Science of Longevity
Jeff Bland, PhD Chair Emeritus, IFM Board of Directors Looking at Structure and Function in the 21st Century
Scott Shannon, MD, FAACAP Expanding Our Understanding of Self: Incorporating Psychedelics into Medicine

Concurrent Session Recordings:

Speaker Title
Nalini Chilkov, LAc, OMD Supporting the Health of Cancer Survivors
Scarlet Soriano, MD Shared Medical Appointments as an Emergent Strategy in Wellness-Based Healthcare Redesign
Michael Snyder, PhD Applying Our Wearable Future
Ellie Campbell, DO
Doug Thompson, DDS
Treating the Mouth to Address Systemic Disease
Lara Zakaria, PharmD, MS, CNS, CDN, IFMCP The Art and Science of Safe & Effective Deprescribing
Kat Toups, MD, DFAPA, IFMCP Your Brain on Functional Medicine: Research Update and Practical Applications on Reversing Cognitive Decline
Sheldon Feldman, MD, FACS, and Alyson Moadel-Robblee, PhD
with a panel discussion facilitated by Joel Evans, MD
Bringing State of the Art Breast Cancer Care to an Underprivileged Population
Chris D’Adamo, PhD
Michael Kaplan, ND
Patty Sherman Campbell, MS, OTR/L, FMCHC, NBC-HWC
Carrie Carlson, DO, FAAFP, IFMCP
Research Updates in the Functional Medicine Ecosyste
• Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and risk of rheumatoid arthritis: a cross-sectional analysis of the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 2007–2016
Christopher J. Magryta, MD Standard Process Practice Implementation Session
The Growing Mind: The Upstream Thoughts for Optimal Development
Nathan Morris, MD, IFMCP Atrium Innovations Practice Implementation Session
Genomics in the Clinical Environment
Sandra Scheinbaum, PhD, IFMCP Functional Medicine Coaching Academy Practice Implementation Session
How to Successfully Integrate Health Coaches to Create a Thriving Functional Medicine Practice
Melinda Ring, MD, IFMCP
Adam Perlman, MD, IFMCP
Amy R. Mack, MSES/MPA
Integrative and Functional Medicine in Healthcare Systems: Pitfalls, Promises, and the Way Forward
Bonni Goldstein, MD Phytocannabinoid Treatment in Pediatrics
Aly Cohen, MD, FACR A Rheumatologist’s Integrative Approach to Autoimmune Disease
Tania Dempsey, MD Mast Cell Activation Syndrome: The Past, Present, and Future
Elizabeth Board, MD, IFMCP Solutions to Escape the Puzzling Maze of Chronic Pain
Scott Shannon, MD, FAACAP
Steve Rondeau, ND, BCI-EEG
Personalized Assessment in Mental Health: The Emerging Role of the qEEG
Laurie Hofmann, MPH
Kara Parker, MD, IFMCP
Kristine Burke, MD, IFMCP
Patrick Hanaway, MD, IFMCP
The Functional Medicine Approach to Long COVID – Presented by OvationLab
Vivian Asamoah, MD, IFMCP
Robert Luby, MD, IFMCP
Stool and Celiac Testing: A Case-Based Clinical Skills Workshop

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Audio & Video Package

PRICE: $590.00

What You Get

  • Video-synced recordings* of  plenary sessions
  • Video-synced recordings* of  concurrent sessions
  • Audio recordings** of all plenary and concurrent sessions
  • Presentation slides in PDF format

*Video-synced recordings show the presentation slide and the speaker simultaneously so you can see all the elements at once on your screen, almost as if you were attending the live presentation.
**Audio recordings are not synced with presentation slides. They are ideal for listening on the go or during your morning commute.

Given the nature of downloadable digital items, refunds, or credits on any of these purchases are not allowed. 

Audio Package

PRICE: $198.00

What You Get

  • Audio recordings* of all plenary and concurrent sessions
  • Presentation slides in PDF format

*Audio recordings are not synced with presentation slides. They are ideal for listening on the go or during your morning commute.

Delivery & Expiration

  • Recordings are delivered electronically to your online account.
  • These lectures are provided as mp4s (video files) and mp3s (audio files). You will also receive the presentation slides in PDF format.
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  • Given the nature of digital items, refunds or credits on this purchase are not allowed.

CME Reminder:  These Proceedings are not eligible for CME.