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Micronutrient Testing and Thyroid Dysfunction

Online Course

The thyroid gland plays a major role in the regulation of many body processes, especially those related to metabolic function. Dysfunction of thyroid hormone performance is quite common and may result in conditions such as thyroiditis and hypothyroidism. Many factors, including nutrient deficiency, may contribute to underactive or overactive thyroid hormone production. Assessing nutritional status and identifying key micronutrient deficits in patients with thyroid dysfunction can help direct an effective treatment plan.

Is nutrient testing appropriate for patients with thyroid-related conditions? Micronutrient Testing and Thyroid Deficiency is a new online learning module that answers that question and explores how micronutrient deficiency may be a hidden factor contributing to impaired thyroid hormone production. Using physical exam cues and clues from a patient’s symptom history, clinicians will learn to identify potential micronutrient shortfalls and determine when nutrient testing and supplementation is appropriate.

This brief online learning module offers:

  • Diverse patient cases
  • An overview of key nutrients
  • An overview of thyroid lab assessments
  • A focus on nutrition and supplements as an effective treatment for thyroid disorders
  • Additional functional medicine resources, including patient and clinician-facing resources

Read more about the functional medicine approach to supporting hormone signaling in the following IFM-authored articles:

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Nutrition Impacts on Hormone Signaling

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Additional Information

What Clinicians Will Learn

By the end of this brief course, clinicians will be able to:

  • Identify signs and symptoms of micronutrient deficiencies that may be associated with impaired thyroid hormone production and function.
  • List the key factors and steps in thyroid hormone function.
  • Identify common lab analytes that will assess the levels of micronutrients associated with thyroid function.
  • Create treatment plans to replete selected micronutrients using food sources.

Who Should Take This Course?

A multimodal approach to assessing physiological dysfunction is a critical first step in addressing the root causes of disease. This course is intended for licensed healthcare practitioners who order and interpret labs, and counsel patients on nutrition within the scope of their practice. Assessing the nutrient status of patients is an important skill for many care providers, even those who may not order labs. All care team members can benefit from learnings in this course such as:

  • Nurse practitioners
  • Nutrition professionals (RD, CNS, CN, and others with advanced degrees from accredited universities)
  • Pharmacists
  • Physician assistants
  • Physicians (MDs, NDs, DOs, DCs)
  • Registered nurses

This course provides a new perspective on assessing and treating thyroid dysfunction from a systems-based approach. We encourage you to share this course with other colleagues in your field.

Course Access and Expiration

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  • You will have access to the course for 60 days from the date of purchase.
  • Given the nature of digital items, refunds or credits on this purchase are not permitted.