Doctor and Patient: Patrick Hanaway, MD

“Love is infectious and the greatest healing energy.” –Sai Baba

Many of you have had the privilege of meeting IFM educator Patrick Hanaway, MD, while others may have seen him on stage or through online education. You also likely know that he is dedicated to cultivating what he calls “Good Medicine” in the world, including compassion for all humans—not only on the physical level, but in mental, emotional, and spiritual realms as well—and a commitment to seeing the whole person, without judgment.

“Being of service to other people—that is what brings me joy in my life,” said Dr. Hanaway in an interview with IFM co-founder Dr. Jeffrey Bland.

Some of you may know that within the past year, Dr. Hanaway was diagnosed with stage four laryngeal cancer. As a patient, Dr. Hanaway applied the guiding principles of Functional Medicine to his healing journey, and despite some challenges, his prognosis is very good. In the following video, Dr. Hanaway provides an update on where he has been and where he is headed on the path to healing.

Dr. Hanaway has loved and is loved by so many, including his wife, Lisa, also a medical doctor, and his sons, Wilkin and Devin. As Devin has said, Dr. Hanaway is “an inspiring light.”

“Some of the lessons my father have instilled in me have been compassion and curiosity, both for ourselves and for others, and really listening to ourselves and others. To really listen, and to engage with honesty and integrity.” –Wilkin, Patrick’s son

Dr. Hanaway was the recipient of the 2017 Linus Pauling Award in Functional Medicine for “innovation in medical education and pioneering work in clinical outcomes research,” and he has trained thousands of health providers in Functional Medicine across the globe so that they can more effectively and compassionately care for others. He has created sustainable and effective systems to offer Functional Medicine within conventional healthcare institutions and is demonstrating through research the value of this type of care. He has been a friend, a confidant, and a clinician who people have come to know and trust.

Through his words and his actions, he is truly leading the call to change the delivery of healthcare across the globe.

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