Food and Nutrition Resources: IFM’s Food Plans

The suite of food plans included in IFM’s Toolkit provides clinicians with tools to improve nutrition for patients with a range of conditions. Monique Class, MS, APRN, BC, teaches at IFM’s medical education modules, including how and when to utilize some of these food plans. In the video below, she describes how the food plans were designed to streamline the patient encounter as well as improve outcomes.


Functional Medicine can help you expand on your current successes in a couple of different ways.

Number one, it gives you the tools to help co-create care plans for clients so that they can begin to make changes at a pace that’s comfortable for them. We have a whole nutrition suite, and we have layered it in so that it is easy for the practitioners to begin to talk about food. We’ve laid it out for people. It’s turnkey.

The tools are so expansive and so comprehensive that when the clients read them they’re easy to follow. They have recipes to follow; they have weekly menu plans. And then they understand the science: why this particular food is going to decrease inflammation, or why this particular food is going to help with detoxification and hormone balancing.

We’ve done a lot of things here at IFM that make it very easy to begin to change the modifiable lifestyle factors. The tools are amazing and very, very comprehensive.

[The tools] make it very easy for you as the clinician and for the client to begin to go down this path of taking charge of your health further upstream.

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