How Cholera Research Uncovered Zonulin

Alessio Fasano, MD, was researching cholera when the research in his lab revealed a new factor contributing to intestinal permeability: zonulin.1 Zonulin is a protein and a mechanism by which intestinal permeability is increased in the body, increasing the space between tight junctions in the intestines.2 Zonulin’s regulatory functions in the gut also affect many chronic illnesses.3-6

“When you push the limits, you spill from physiology to pathology.” – Alessio Fasano

Patrick Hanaway, MD, director of research at the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine, interviews Alessio Fasano, MD and researcher.

In this interview with Patrick Hanaway, MD, Dr. Fasano describes how the path to uncovering zonulin was one of serendipity and open-mindedness. Dr. Fasano won the Linus Pauling Award from IFM in 2013.


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