Professional Training Programs

Functional Medicine Coaching Academy

Functional Medicine Coaching Academy (FMCA) is the first accredited functional medicine health coach training program, with 600 graduates as of April 2017. FMCA-trained health coaches guide patients to optimum wellness using functional medicine, functional nutrition, Mind-Body Medicine, and Positive Psychology Coaching. LEARN MORE

Pharm to Table

Pharm to Table empowers pharmacists to move beyond dispensing into being advocates, advisors, and counselors for their patients. Pharm to Table curricula integrates functional medicine tenets and IFM tools needed to offer patients a personalized plan that assesses medication adherence, addresses lifestyle modifications, and sets expectations for desired outcomes. LEARN MORE

Integrative and Functional Nutrition Academy

Integrative and Functional Nutrition Academy (IFNA) is an online clinician training program for registered dietitian nutritionists, built on functional nutrition and functional medicine principles. Those trained with IFNA will be fully prepared to work with an interdisciplinary care team, especially IFM-trained practitioners. Learn More

International Nurse Coach Association

International Nurse Coach Association (INCA) has partnered with IFM to offer the Integrative Nurse Coach Certification Program, which trains nurses in a comprehensive model of care that integrates coaching skills for lifestyle changes, functional medicine, functional nutrition, and environmental health. Integrative nurses are uniquely suited to transform health through a holistic and integrative approach. Learn More