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About IFM’s Functional Medicine Certification Program

IFM’s Functional Medicine Certification Program (IFMCP) has been developed by the foremost thought leaders in the field, and IFM’s educators have a depth of experience and knowledge honed by years of practice and their commitment to the ongoing development of core concepts, tools, and applications.

The following is a breakdown of some of the benefits IFM Certified Practitioners and Candidates receive:

IFM Certified Practitioner Benefits

  1. Upon receiving the best Functional Medicine education available to healthcare professionals, IFM Certified Practitioners consistently become recognized as the most thoroughly trained and tested Functional Medicine clinicians in their fields and the most sought-after by both patients and employers.
  2. In fact, IFM Certified Practitioners consistently report higher patient volume and increased professional satisfaction. This is partly the result of the prioritization of IFM Certified Practitioners in our Find A Practitioner referral network, which gets more than 100,000 unique searches per month and is the most visited area of the IFM website.
  3. Further marketing includes a promotional badge that IFM Certified Practitioners may be used on all their marketing and promotional materials.
  4. Training and education does not stop once you are certified, either, as IFM continually develops content for experienced clinicians to stay up-to-date on the latest scientific advancements in Functional Medicine and continue developing skills and competencies to treat patients with complex, chronic disease.
  5. Similarly, IFM Certified Practitioners receive complimentary audio and video recordings of lectures from new iterations of the Certification Program courses (AFMCP and APMs) to keep their knowledge current and prepare them to re-certify. These materials are provided on an on-going basis after the practitioner passes the written test and completes IFMCP.

Candidate Benefits

  1. IFMCP is an opportunity for clinicians to receive continuing education in Functional Medicine to develop advanced skills and competencies in the treatment of patients with complex, chronic disease. Candidates who complete Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice (AFMCP), all six Advanced Practice Modules (APMs)—GI, Environmental Health (formerly Detox), Bioenergetics (formerly Energy)., Hormone, Cardiometabolic, and Immune—a Case Report, and the Written Exam join the leading group of Functional Medicine-trained practitioners worldwide.
  2. To keep their knowledge of Functional Medicine current, Candidates receive complimentary audio and video recordings of lectures from new iterations of the Certification Program courses (AFMCP and APMs). These lectures help prepare them to complete the Written Exam successfully. Candidates will receive recordings only of courses previously taken.
  3. Furthermore, IFM is committed to supporting its Candidates throughout their experience in the Certification Program. Our dedicated IFMCP team is in constant communication with Candidates about pertinent dates, programmatic developments, and other requirements to complete Certification.
  4. One notable resource we provide is the Testing Resource Center (TRC), which includes a comprehensive library of all IFMCP-related forms and publications, a case study tool, the study guide, and archived webinars.

In all, we prepare both Candidates and IFM Certified Practitioners to successfully complete, maintain, and re-certify in the IFM Functional Medicine Certification Program in a timely manner and with their sanity intact.

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This certification designation will contribute to supporting the vision we all share as we continue to work together to advance client-centered health care and shift the way we educate healthcare professionals. —IFM Certified Practitioner