Functional Medicine Matrix: Organizing Clinical Imbalances

Functional Medicine Matrix

Functional Medicine recognizes that illness does not occur in isolation, and the IFM Matrix helps clinicians to examine the body systems, symptoms, and risk factors associated with a specific condition. The matrix provides an outline for the clinician to organize the patient’s clinical imbalances in the following biological systems, called nodes: defense and repair, energy, biotransformation and elimination, transport, communication, structural integrity, and assimilation.

The left section of the matrix is useful in retelling the patient’s story, by tracking antecedents, triggering events, and mediators/perpetuators. The bottom of the matrix details lifestyle factors like sleep and relaxation, exercise and movement, nutrition and hydration, stress and resilience, and relationships and networks.

As a whole, the Functional Medicine Matrix assists the clinician in organizing and prioritizing each patient’s health issues as elicited by a thorough personal, family, social, and medical history. The matrix is a tool for organizing what seem to be disparate issues into a complete story to help the clinician gain a comprehensive perspective of the patient, and subsequently facilitate discussion of complex, chronic disease.

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