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Want a discount? Become a member.

Functional Medicine Advanced Practice Modules (APM) Cardiometabolic 2025


Transforming the Assessment, Prevention, and Management of Chronic Metabolic and Cardiovascular Disorders

January 24 - 26, 2025
Up to 19.5 CME Credits Camera Live Stream Available
  • Module content comprises recorded presentations that will be rebroadcast as a livestream presentation. Introductions, transitions, and Q&A sessions will be live. This course will be presented in Pacific Time (PT).
  • Only the CME/CE option is eligible for commensurate CME/CE credits. More Info
  • Base tuition for this program is $1,875. Automatic discounts, including membership pricing, have already been applied for logged in users. More Info
  • APMs are advanced functional medicine courses that build upon foundational concepts presented in AFMCP. To make the most of your experience, we strongly recommend taking AFMCP to start your educational journey.
  • This course is part of the IFM Certification Program. More Info
  • This course is eligible for Resident and Medical Student Tuition. More Info
  • IFM offers a military discount. More Info
  • All times are displayed in Pacific Time (PT).


Today’s Landscape

During the past decade, convincing evidence has accumulated that conquering heart disease is not simply a
matter of driving serum cholesterol down. In fact, one half of the people who have a heart attack have normal
cholesterol and now low cholesterol is being associated with a significant risk of early cognitive decline. New information is available. Clinicians are no longer limited to using antiquated measures of cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugars as the primary markers of increased risk for cardiometabolic disorders: advanced lipid assays, markers of oxidative stress, inflammation, hormones, and body composition are all providing new opportunities for safer and more effective early interventions to prevent and reverse cardiometabolic disease.

Functional Medicine Advanced Practice Modules® (APM) Cardiometabolic

The module will help clinicians understand the physiology underlying cardiometabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease, new approaches to effective assessments and treatments, and how to integrate these lifesaving tools into practice.

Additional Program Information
IFM Planning Calendar

Schedule and Educators

Schedule available at a later date.
Schedule available at a later date.
Schedule available at a later date.

Additional Information

Program Highlights

  • CME/CE credit, if CME/CE option is selected for purchase
  • A step toward becoming an IFM Certified Practitioner
  • Entirely online; access the broadcast from anywhere with a stable internet connection
  • Interactive conference platform that allows you to connect with other attendees in real-time
  • Course materials: PDFs of all presentations as well as MP3 audio and MP4 video downloads
  • Pre- and post-course interactive videos and webinars
  • More than 19 hours of lectures, Q&A sessions, and discussion (see the “Schedule and Educators” section for a full schedule of topics)
  • 30-day access to IFM’s Toolkit with clinician resources that can be accessed and used in practice immediately after the course (Intake forms, patient handouts, and assessment questionnaires)
  • Morning movement activity
  • Live Q&A sessions with presenters
  • Opportunities to ask additional questions on a post-conference private discussion group moderated by IFM faculty

What You Will Learn

Clinical competencies to be mastered through the Cardiometabolic APM conference:

  • Utilize the functional medicine matrix model to develop an effective systems biology organization when taking a cardiovascular medical history.
  • Evaluate the evidence demonstrating the primary mechanisms underlying the relationship between endothelial dysfunction and the progressive development of atherosclerosis.
  • Identify the relationships between chronic stress and the development of dyslipidemias, hypertension, weight gain, and metabolic syndrome.
  • Evaluate and utilize new assessment approaches for identifying chronic inflammation, oxidative stress, autoimmunity, toxicity, and hormonal dysregulation in patients with cardiometabolic dysfunction.
  • Analyze the most practical and useful laboratory assessments and biomarkers necessary to evaluate cardiovascular risks and recognize functional patterns associated with metabolic disease.
  • Evaluate and utilize specific nutrients, phytonutrients, botanicals, pharmaceuticals, dietary plans, stress reduction techniques, and lifestyle interventions to improve the prevention and management of patients with hypertension, cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes.

CME Information

The CME/CE option is intended for clinicians who need to fulfill continuing education requirements. If you do not need CME/CE credits, you may purchase the non-CME option.

IFM is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) to provide continuing medical education for physicians.


*Continuing education credits are subject to change.


Registration, Participation, and Cancellation Policies


Program materials and CME certificates are delivered to you through your personal IFM online account. For this reason, you may not register multiple people or someone other than yourself. No registrations will be taken after 4:00 pm PT, Thursday, January 23, 2025.


Live-stream participation from January 24 – 26, 2025, is required for this IFM program. You must participate in the live rebroadcast by logging in to your unique IFM account to receive CME/CE credit and to fulfill IFM Certification Program requirements. Livestream log-in information is unique and cannot be shared. Those who do not log in through their own IFM account during the live rebroadcast will be removed from the program and will not receive program materials, recordings, CME/CE credit, or credit toward the IFM Certification Program.

Cancellation Request Received Eligible Refund
Date of registration/purchase – December 24, 2024* Refund less 5% administrative fee
December 25, 2024 – January 13, 2025* Refund less 25% administrative fee
January 14, 2024 – January 23, 2024* Refund less 50% administrative fee
After January 23, 2024* No Refund
*Next tier of fees in effect at midnight Pacific time

Tuition is non-transferable. Failure to log in to the livestream broadcast with no prior written cancellation or switch will result in complete forfeiture of tuition, course materials, and the course will not count toward certification (nonrefundable, nontransferable, no exceptions). Program materials are available only to registered participants. Log-in information is unique and cannot be shared.  If you have completed your purchase through Affirm, your cancellation will incur an additional fee of up to 6%. Cancellation requests must be submitted via the Course Cancellation Form. IFM will reply with a written acknowledgement once processed. IFM will reply with a written acknowledgement once processed.

My registration for the Advanced Practice Module (APM) signifies that I have read and agreed to IFM’s cancellation policy found above. My participation in the APM is not a substitute for any licensing requirements that may be applicable to me and does not independently authorize me to render care, prescribe regimens, or prescribe medications or supplements. My activities in the health and wellness field remain subject to my education, qualifications, and licensure.


Livestream Information

Before registering for the Livestream event, please click the button below to test your device’s ability to support livestreaming.

test my computer

Additional information related to how to access livestreams (including system requirements) can be found in our FAQ section.

Live Stream Chat Policy

The chat feature allows for our livestream learners to interact with their colleagues throughout this program. While we know our community has high standards for interacting respectfully with their peers and would never abuse the chat feature, we want to remind you that recruiting, advertising, soliciting, or spamming is not permitted. IFM reserves the right to remove individuals or specific comments from the chat and chat logs.

This program is being livestreamed from the actual event location over the internet to provide you with the ability to access this educational program from the comfort of your home or office. Although we are confident that the quality of this program will be outstanding, there may be occasional interruptions due to the nature of online streaming. All recordings of the educational sessions will be provided after the course.

We ask that you understand the nature of the internet and refrain from unnecessary comments in the chat regarding your internet issues, or the issues of others, that may occur. IFM and BroadcastMed are doing the best that they can to deliver this program, and we are confident that the event will be an overall success.

Thank you for your understanding.


Exhibiting opportunities available. Contact exhibiting@ifm.org for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

If the presentations are recorded, why do I have to attend live?
You must check in and be present for the duration of the live rebroadcast to receive CME/CE credit and to fulfill IFM Certification Program requirements. Conference sessions feature real-time chat moderation with the educators. You may pose questions, comments, and interact with fellow attendees during the live rebroadcast. IFM encourages networking during the course. Please help us create a positive learning environment by adhering to our Chat Policy.


For conference accommodations or modifications due to a disability please let us know here:

Practitioner Testimonials

This APM was the most translatable to my formal medical training. I felt this APM addressed topics that would be the most easily translatable for an existing clinical practice today. I would highly recommend this APM for any clinician who is curious about functional medicine and is ready to dip their toes into the all-encompassing, evidence-based-medicine approach for the next generation in healthcare. It is a deep dive into physiology, pathophysiology, biochemistry, nutraceuticals and more that will not only reignite your passion to practice medicine, but also greatly benefit your patients. A true win-win.

Cardiometabolic APM 2024 Attendee

I had so many WOW moments in this course. I had no idea that so many solutions were available to offer to people, apart from "diet and exercise" And the ability to tailor solutions specifically to patient's issues. I took a different course before this one from a different provider that did not supply any evidence or science behind the solutions, which is why I decided to pursue IFM certification. I feel so much more empowered to help people with functional medicine. Also, it confirmed my reluctance to prescribe statins (unless truly needed)!