7 Reasons to Experience AFMCP

7 Things to Love About AFMCP premier course

Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice (AFMCP) Online integrates the latest medical research with a model of care that accounts for each patient’s individual history, genetic makeup, and lifestyle factors. After taking this course, clinicians will be able to design effective, personalized treatments for every patient and improve outcomes for those with chronic disease.

Here are the top seven reasons to attend this premier foundational course in Functional Medicine:

  1. Offered multiple times a year throughout the world online. AFMCP is offered multiple times a year in an online, on-demand format so you can learn anytime, anywhere. During this global pandemic, your continuing education is possible with this on-demand, interactive course. With a flexible timeline over a 90-day period, you can complete the course as your schedule allows. Up to 34.5 CME credits are available for AFMCP Online, attained from anywhere that you are able to study. 
  2. Fulfills the first of seven courses required for IFM Certification in Functional Medicine. IFM has designed AFMCP to act as the foundational course in our Certification Program, which is the gold standard of Functional Medicine training. If you decide to take future Functional Medicine courses with us, taking AMFCP can culminate in becoming an IFM Certified Practitioner. AFMCP is the recommended first step in this process and provides foundational knowledge and skills in Functional Medicine as well as access to IFM’s robust toolkit, which contains over 400 resources.
  3. AFMCP is the premier Functional Medicine foundational course and the most comprehensive Functional Medicine training available. Attendees of IFM’s in-person and online AFMCP course receive an in-depth, evidence-based overview of the six physiological systems—cardiometabolic, immune, hormone, biotransformation, gastrointestinal, and environmental healthwhich provides a firm foundation for treating all types of clinical disorders.
  4. Built on the premise that we learn better together. AFMCP Online provides you with many opportunities to interact with colleagues. It is a highly interactive course that features lectures, case studies, a Facebook discussion group, and quizzes.
  5. Case-based training. IFM believes we learn best when we put theory into practice. AFMCP pairs research and clinical understanding with real-life medical cases you may encounter every day.
  6. Diverse educators who are the best in their fields. IFM’s educational programs are led by a diverse set of educators with areas of expertise that include the microbiome, genomic medicine, clinical nutrition, and lifestyle change. Educators are drawn from clinical practice, education, and research, and each educator has several years of experience practicing Functional Medicine.
  7. AFMCP is open to various healthcare fields. Anyone interested in gaining foundational training in Functional Medicine may attend AFMCP.

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