What is the structure to the group cohort sessions?

Group sessions are case-based and topic specific. Please visit the mentorships page for a description of these topics. The first week, the mentor will present a case and discuss it with the group. The second through sixth sessions are Functional Medicine case presentations by the mentees with Q&A led and moderated by the mentor. You will have the opportunity to upload your case by logging into your account, selecting “My Education” and accessing the corresponding course under “Mentorship”.

How do I install/use Zoom Meetings?

Please click here to download the Zoom application. You do not need to pay for an account to join a meeting. You can also access the link to install the Zoom application within the Mentorship Course under “Download Zoom.”

Who is eligible to participate in the IFM Mentorship Program?

Any practitioner who has completed AFMCP or one of IFM’s six Advanced Practice Modules (APMs) is eligible to register for the Mentorship Program.

How do I receive my Zoom Meeting invitation for my mentorship session?

After you have scheduled/booked your session using our online schedule, you will receive a confirmation email with a Zoom Meeting link attached within the email. If you do not receive this email within 24 hours of your order, please contact IFM at or call 1.800.228.0622. You can also access the zoom meeting links for all of your sessions at any time in the Mentorship course materials and you will be able to add those links to your calendar.

How long are the mentorship sessions?

Each of the six (6) sessions are seventy-five (75) minutes long.

I don’t know how to use Zoom Meeting, and I’m afraid of missing my session. What can I do?

When you receive your Zoom Meeting email confirmation, please download the application on the device you plan to use to participate in your session. There are several tutorial videos on the Zoom Meeting website that will introduce you to the basics of using this service. Ensure your computer microphone and sound capability is tested PRIOR TO YOUR SESSION. Please note, you do not need a paid Zoom Meeting account to attend mentorship sessions.

I have a clinical question for my mentor that pertains to a patient I am seeing today/tomorrow/this week. Can I communicate with them about this?

This mentorship program is designed for non-urgent clinical mentorship. If you are able to bring the question to your next group session, you may do so time and topic permitting.

Can I send my mentor documents/labs for review prior to my scheduled session?

Yes, you may submit case documents through the interface online. Please login to your account at, go to My Account and click on My Education to access this course. Please note, the mentorship program requires all correspondence to be completely free of personal health information. Exchange of HIPPA- sensitive materials is not allowed.

What is the cost of the program? Are there any packages?

The cost of  group cohort sessions is $550 for the 6 75-minute sessions.

The mentor I want to schedule with is fully booked. Can I get on a waitlist/cancellation list?

We are not currently keeping a waitlist for this program. Please continue to check back for cancellations on the product page and email

I couldn’t log in to Zoom Meeting/the internet was down/I had technical difficulties connecting with my mentor and missed my session. What can I do?

Unfortunately, technical difficulties on the mentee’s side are non-refundable, but please write a description of your case and send it to We will review all technical connection concerns and follow-up with you to ensure that we troubleshoot the issue.

How far ahead of my sessions can I change or cancel?

The cancellation window is 96 hours (or four days), prior to your first group session. There are no refunds if you are unable to attend a single session in the series of eight, if you need to cancel prior to the 96 hour window, please contact

What is the time zone of the mentorship sessions?

The scheduling application is listed in Pacific Time. Please make sure to note this when scheduling.

I’m interested in becoming a mentor. Who can I speak to?

Please send an email to regarding your interest.