What is the structure to the group cohort sessions?

Group sessions are case-based and topic specific. Please visit the mentorships page for a description of these topics. The first week, the mentor will present a case and discuss it with the group. The second through sixth sessions are Functional Medicine case presentations by the mentees with Q&A led and moderated by the mentor. You will have the opportunity to upload your case here.

How do I install/use Zoom Meetings?

Please click here to download the Zoom application. You do not need to pay for an account to join a meeting.

Who is eligible for the beta test of the IFM Mentorship Program?

At this time, only practitioners who attended Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice (AFMCP) 2019 have been offered the opportunity for mentorship during our beta test. We plan to open registration up to a larger group in summer 2019.

How do I receive my Zoom Meeting invitation for my mentorship session?

After you have scheduled/booked your session using our online schedule, you will receive an order confirmation email with a Zoom Meeting link attached within the email. If you do not receive this email, please contact IFM at or call 1.800.228.0622.

Is there any structure to the individual sessions? Do I need to prepare anything ahead of time?

Most mentees will come to their mentors for their initial sessions with a case in SOAP format. A typical session will include management of this case from a Functional Medicine perspective. However, anything related to Functional Medicine, including review of timeline/matrix, discussion of specialty labs, and treatment modalities is appropriate. You may upload your case information here.

How long are the mentorship sessions?

Fifty (50) minutes for one-on-one individual sessions. Group cohort sessions are sixty (60) minutes twice monthly for three months.

My mentor cancelled, what happens now?

Please email to receive a full refund of your session.

I don’t know how to use Zoom Meeting, and I’m afraid of missing my session. What can I do?

When you receive your Zoom Meeting email confirmation, please download the application on your desktop AND phone. There are several tutorial videos on the Zoom Meeting website that will introduce you to the basics of using this service. Ensure your computer microphone and sound capability is tested PRIOR TO YOUR SESSION. Please note, you do not need a paid Zoom Meeting account to attend mentorship sessions.

Can I request a phone-only session (vs. a Zoom Meeting videoconference)?

At this time, all sessions need to be facilitated using the Zoom Meeting platform. Please note, Zoom Meeting can be accessed from all mobile devices, if necessary.

I have a clinical question for my mentor that pertains to a patient I am seeing today/tomorrow/this week. Can I communicate with them about this?

This mentorship program is designed for non-urgent clinical mentorship. If your mentor has availability and you’d like to schedule a session sooner, please schedule a session by contacting

Can I send my mentor documents/labs for review prior to my scheduled session?

Yes, you may submit a case document through the confirmation email link you will receive for your session. Please note, the mentorship program requires all correspondence to be completely free of personal health information. Exchange of HIPAA-sensitive materials is not allowed.

I’m dissatisfied with my mentorship experience. Can I get a refund?

Please contact, and they will request that you fill out a feedback form. We will then inform the Medical Education Director of your concerns.

Can I do a joint session with another colleague so we can split the cost?

At this time, we are not offering shared sessions for one-on-one mentorships. We do offer group mentorship sessions as an option if you and a colleague would like to be mentored within the same group.

The mentor I want to schedule with is fully booked. Can I get on a waitlist/cancellation list?

We are not currently keeping a waitlist for this program. Please continue to check back for cancellations on the scheduling webpage and email

I couldn’t log in to Zoom Meeting/the internet was down/I had technical difficulties connecting with my mentor and missed my session. What can I do?

Unfortunately, technical difficulties on the mentee’s side are non-refundable, but please write a description of your case and send it to We will review all technical connection concerns and follow-up with you to ensure that we troubleshoot the issue.

I want to reschedule my individual session, not cancel it. Can I do that online?

Yes, the ability to reschedule is built into our website for individual sessions only. However, rescheduling must be done at least 96 hours prior to the time of the session and must be rescheduled with the same mentor.

To reschedule an individual session, go to: My Account (under IFM account page) > My Orders > Click the order for the session you want to reschedule > Edit Booking.
A switch of mentors requires a cancellation and a new appointment to be made.

How far ahead of my sessions can I change or cancel?

The cancellation window is 96 hours (or four days), otherwise the cost of the session is forfeited. There are no exceptions to this rule. If you need to cancel, please contact

Where can I look up my scheduled session?

For individual sessions: To check the time of a previously scheduled appointment, go to: My Account (under IFM account page) > My Orders > Click the order for the session you want to view or reschedule > View or Edit Booking.

For group sessions: To check the time of a scheduled group session, go to: My Account (under IFM account page) > My Orders > Click the order for the group session and then click on the link to the session page, where you will find the dates and times for each group session under the section titled “Schedule of Sessions.”

What is the time zone of the mentorship sessions?

The scheduling application is listed in Pacific Time. Please make sure to note this when scheduling.

I’m interested in becoming a mentor. Who can I speak to?

Please send an email to regarding your interest.

How many sessions can I schedule in one transaction?

At this time, only one session can be scheduled in a single transaction. You may, depending on availability, purchase additional sessions in separate transactions. The sessions are first come, first served.

What is the cost of the program? Are there any packages?

The cost of a one-on-one session is $150 (per session). At this time, we do not offer packages for these sessions.

The cost of group cohort sessions is $200 (for 6 sessions over 12 weeks).

How do I schedule a mentorship session?

Please visit IFM’s Mentorship page – from there, you can choose the mentorship you would like to learn more about. Once inside the mentorship of your choice, you will find a description of the program, biographies of mentors, and the scheduler.